Il mulino sulla Floss has ratings and reviews. Huda said: I think that, The novel was to monitor a particular historical period.. in terms. Title, Il mulino sulla floss. Volume 36 of Biblioteca di Repubblica: Ottocento. Author, George Eliot. Publisher, L’Espresso-Division La Repubblica, Bibliographic information. QR code for Il mulino sulla Floss. Title, Il mulino sulla Floss Volume 30 of Biblioteca dell’Espresso: I grandi romanzi · Volume 30 of I.

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To view it, click here. This work was a p This is a slow-starter but once I got into it I was hooked. Trivia About The Mill on the F The tone of this book is a rather sad one and it does not end well.

It’s the particular way she formulates her big ethical ambitions which makes me feel that her books need to “work out” like a sum to be the artistic achievement they’re supposed to be and they just don’t “work out” for me.

Obviously, the book does not end well.

Part of the problem I had with this one was simply the fact that I had a slightly inaccurate expectation of it. Maggie TulliverTom Tulliver. The contrast between the two storylines made apparent where my interests as a reader lie.

But I thought it was absurd that Maggie should even consider for a moment screwing over her cousin for such nonsense, so all the epic grandness of her actions in renouncing Stephen and the way it brought out Eliot’s theme of self-denial didn’t do much for me. Who can sull so great a claim on you as I have? Maggie’s relationship with her brother frustrated me to no end.

Tom is a pig-headed, self-righteous thrower of stones at animals whose only virtues are the most generic ones of young English manhood. This book is considered one of George Eliot’s best book. I knew it was about lost idyllic rural childhood and a sibling relationship su,la goes sour and that gave mulkno the impression that the childhood stuff was a fairly brief section which added poignancy to a story of adults blundering about going wrong.


It didn’t sit well with me last night when I first read it, and I am still unimpressed. This particular work did not impress me as much as some of her o This is Eliot’s second work, and one that, in my opinion, does not compete with Silas Marner, but is rich and interesting in a way that makes this timeless. I’m not saying the book was bad, because it wasn’t.

One interesting point is Maggie’s reading of The Imitation of Christ. A beautiful classic, a harsh study of the condition of women muulino the 19th century. Well played, George Eliot. This was a very up-and-down book for me: All people of broad, strong sense have The brilliance of GE: I suppose Maggie Tulliver, main female character and our heroine, won’t make it to my ‘Top 5 of Female Heroines’. It felt like Eliot resorted to a Deus ex Machina when there was potential for something mulini tighter, where the author’s hand was less obvious in resolving the many crises.

It wasn’t the best ending ever, you know. Maggie Tulliver lives near a small village in England.

Il mulino sulla Floss by George Eliot (3 star ratings)

I must admit that I was not drawn into the novel as much as I was for Middlemarch, however Eliot’s muluno provides insight into her society in a rather unique way. Daring and marvelous in some respects – particularly the early chapters portraying the main character’s tempestuous childhood – but it grows a bit fragmented and soap operaish in the final third and spirals into an unsatisfying conclusion.

And the worst part was that he believed he was being good to her. Anyways, I hope I like a different Eliot book better. Why is ill scene even in here?

Il mulino sulla Floss

Catching up on Cl Mary Ann, the youngest child and a favorite of her father’s, received a good education for a young woman of her day. She is critical to the plot but just never came across as a real person to me. And maybe there’s too much of that whole unfashionable character-as-a-force-in-destiny thing going on in her books.

I’m starting to think George Eliot had a tendency to describe his characters as renouncing, suffering women, who would say ‘no’ to any kind of earthly pleasure. There is nothing in the past that can annul our right to each other; it is the first time we have either of us loved with our whole heart and soul.


Il Mulino Sulla Floss

It is a sad book for much of the time, but never without a feeling of hope and faith, so that it doesn’t feel depressing. For a lover a classic literature, this is a good read. While I enjoyed reading about them growing up, I do think that this novel dragged a lot in the middle and I’m glad that I listened to it via audiobook, otherwise I would have wanted to skip it. Thanuja This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [They die together bro and sis: I like that feeling.

Il Mulino Sulla Floss by Eliot, George

Maggie craves the love an I have never read any George Elliot novels before, and have to confess to coming to this book expecting not to like it much. The story is somewhat a tragedy, but the author expresses her apology for the tragic ending by finally uniting Tom and Maggie and throwing a hint at the concluding paragraphs that Maggie’s yearning for acceptance, approval and love was finally fulfilled. I have never read any George Elliot novels before, and have to confess to coming to this book expecting not to like it much.

At times her actions were rational and just, but at times they were impulsive displaying a lack of self-command. Il mulino sulla Floss by George Eliot. I am glad as his character helped Eliot to evoke very interesting and modern for the time subjects, but I’m a bit sad that I had to suffer his presence to have this. I think Eliot could have kept the essentials of Tom’s character while making him somewhat more appealing.

Perfectly fine George Eliot rural stuff makes up much of the novel, with all that quaint idiosyncratic textural detail, but I found the last pages a real drag.