Imperial policing [Charles William Gwynn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. William Gwynn’s (–), short book Imperial Policing (London: is harder to find investigations into the command of ‘imperial policing’, where senior offi-. Imperial Policing. Front Cover. Sir Charles William Gwynn. Macmillan and Company, Limited, Bibliographic information. QR code for Imperial Policing.

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When the temper of the rioters is very violent or the detachment gqynn troops small, the risk of these becoming engaged in actual bayonet-fighting must, however, not be taken.

The co-ordination of all counter offensive measures is the really important thing, and the sum total of the troops required may reach a high figure in order to achieve simultaneous action. There is therefore less room for misunderstandings and misinterpretation of that policy than when the civil and military authorities are merely imperixl in co-operation. In addition to murders, much damage was done to all buildings or institutions connected with British activities, and telegraph and telephone communications were cut.

It is not a matter of policy.

Imperial Policing

It becomes a battle of wits in which the development of a well-organised intel. A study of the facts enables one to see why the Government and military authorities could not support the extreme action taken by General Dyer and to realise how far his imperjal was at fault and his.

There is general agreement that General Dyer’s evidence was given perfectly honestly, but it must be remembered that it was given after a considerable lapse of time during which his attitude must have been subconsciously influenced by the controversy which raged. Your rating has been recorded. There is generally an extremist element anxious for purposes of propaganda to bring about collisions with Government forces, and in some cases the criminal element of the population will take advantage of prevailing excitement to start riots which offer opportunities of loot.

Dickie that he must stop the mob from reaching the civil lines at all costs, and should fire on it.


You may have already requested this item. Unless, therefore, fire or other extreme measures to save life or valuables are necessary, precipitate action should be avoided and should not be taken with the object of inflicting punishment for what has occurred. Another well established rule is that a crowd should never be allowed to come into close physical contact with troopsinvolving a hand-to-hand struggle. No person residing in Amritsar city is permitted to leave his house after 8 P. When the order had’ been in effect for about a week it was brought to notice, and cancelled by order of the Punjab Government.


On the whole it was a spontaneous gathering, not organised and with no very definite purpose, but certainly not a mild and inoffensive demonstration of protest as was subsequently represented. As a consequence three British bank officials were murdered in their offices and their bodies burnt in the street about two hundred yards from where the police were stationed.

Whenever a widespread agitation is on foot, reasonable precautions and close co-operation between civil and military authorities are required to ensure that if the assistance of troops is needed their intervention should be timely.

Imperial Policing – Sir Charles William Gwynn – Google Books

More unluckily still, certain houses opening on to the prohibited section of the street had no back entrance and the occupants had to undergo the indignity when they went out on their ordinary business, although they were not suspected of being concerned in the outrages or of gwgnn part in the rioting. Mounted troops of any nature as a mobile reserve and to disperse a mob would have been valuable, but to expect a few horses, untrained to the police work, to face a mob passively is asking much from them and they not unnaturally became encumbrances rather than of assistance.

The former course often appeals to civilian officials who from their training hardly appreciate the ineffectiveness of passive defence or the crippling effect of undue dispersion of force on military plans.

At one point some opposition was encountered, but oolicing the advisability of opening fire was considered, the General decided that warning by proclamation should be given before extreme action was taken. Its imperfections may, I hope, show the desirability of recording the experiences of the fighting Services when so employed, and of publishing illustrative cases from time to time in a form easily accessible.

Ivar marked it as to-read Apr 02, Although Amritsar itself was again under control on the 12th, several cases of sabotage affecting railway and telegraph communications occurred dur. I have not, therefore, included any example of this type. Allied with the principle of the minimum use of force is that of firm and timely action.


General Dyer’s action impeeial the whole of the Amritsar incident, but the events which led up to it are of interest in illustrating the task of troops quite apart from their bearing on his decision.

Excessive severity may antagonise this element, add to the number of the rebels, and leave a lasting feeling of resentment and bitterness.

And in the final essence, he demonstrates the vital and central role of well-developed police intelligence networks for restoring order. Police escorting prisoners through the streets made them go down on “all fours”. They pllicing be laid to deny access to a street which has been cleared, to cover parties forcing entrance to houses, and for many other special occasions when rifle fire of excited men is insufficiently accurate.

The principles and doctrines policig the book set out to define and illustrate, appear to have been confirmed by recent experiences; I have therefore not revised it, but in this edition have merely added two new chapters recording episodes of special interest.

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They furnish an ijperial of the extension of operations, designed policimg restore order, into what had many of the characteristics of a small war. In fact, in police work the ordinary military principles of concentration and offensive action hold good, and only require modification in the handling of the striking force provided by concentration.

Beckett, assisted by three moderate leaders, continued to press forward and forced it back, the horses becoming restive. Anything in the nature of jealousy or competition to secure credit is certain to lead to lack of co-ordination in courses of action. General Dyer’s explanation of his reasons for omitting to give specific warning before opening fire or allowing the gathering an opportunity to disperse was that he had already given inperial by proclamation and that the meeting had been held in defiance of his orders.