Article about Renishaw’s Stonehouse factory written by world leading magazine Modern Machine Shop. References. [1]. K. Patorski, M. Kujawińska, L. Salbut „Interferometria Laserowa z Automatyczną Analizą Obrazu“ OWPW, Warszawa, Google Scholar. [2]. Interferometria laserowa z automatyczną analizą obrazu. K Patorski, M Kujawińska, L Sałbut. Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Warszawskiej, 46,

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The laser beam 1 emerges from the XL laser head and gets split into two beams reflected 2 and transmitted 3 at the polarising beam splitter. Therefore the movement is measured by calculating the number of cycles using the following formula:. Metrology and Inspection III, This traceability makes on-machine verification possible. Digital in-plane electronic speckle pattern shearing niterferometria K Patorski, AG Olszak Optical engineering 36 7, Mounted on the same dovetail fixture used for parts and tooling, artifacts can be delivered and exchanged by carrousel.

These highly automated systems essentially run themselves, but they cannot oaserowa consistently predictable results unless sources of variation are constantly kept under control.

How does it work? As rotary axis, flatness and squareness measurements are also based on these measurements, they also do not require environmental compensation. Evaluation of amplitude encoded fringe patterns using the bidimensional empirical mode decomposition and the 2D Hilbert transform generalizations M Wielgus, K Patorski Applied optics 50 28, Fast-forward to midwhen the company opened a new machining facility within a completely refurbished factory building.

Thus, the carrousel delivers all of the required tools and all of the parts at the same time. Polarization phase shifting method for moire interferometry and flatness testing L Salbut, K Patorski Applied optics 29 10, Working with interefrometria machines has given engineers insight into new process control techniques.

However, what s visible is only part of the story. Rather, the company sought a strategy that would set its manufacturing operations on the right course for years to come.


Calibration links Calibration hardware Calibration software Calibration explained Service, support and training Case studies Upgrade your system.

Stonehouse demonstrates that with an intelligent strategy and a strong commitment, any manufacturer should be able to keep production on its own turf. The artifact also helps reduce measurement uncertainty.

Interferometry explained

It was clear to top management that a new factory would soon be needed. The other retroreflector forms the variable length measurement arm as its distance varies in intercerometria to the beam splitter.

Much was at stake in this move. Probing plays a critical role in the machining strategies established on the VMCs, lathes and turn-mills. New citations to this author.

RAMTIC system still ticking

Hankins believes that turn-mill and other types of multi-tasking machines may represent the next generation of machining platforms that will ultimately supplant the RAMTIC cells. The system also serves as a template that other companies can follow to revitalize their own manufacturing operations from the ground up.

The measurements may include those of certain characteristics of the waves themselves and the materials that the waves interact with. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 27 18 iindex 73 Periodically, the artifact is probed on the machine and the results are compared with calibrated dimensions.

I the self-imaging phenomenon and its applications K Patorski Progress in optics 27, These are graphically summarized in the pyramid below. RAMTIC was also based on some critical intangibles—most notably a focus on design for manufacturability and an effort to prove out processes thoroughly before releasing them to the shop floor. The probe is doubly significant. International Conference on Applied Optical Metrology, The carrousels are now fully enclosed, but are essentially the same inside.

Interferometry explained Ballbar testing explained. By using two light beams usually by splitting one beam into twoan interference pattern can be formed when these two beams superpose.

The laser read-out is then automatically adjusted to compensate for any variations in the lasers wavelength. That they will evolve is certain. This article is going to discuss artifacts, pyramids and a place called Stonehouse.


This check is performed before machining each new pallet. Laserowy system XL [pl] Broszura: This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. From the start, this effort was NOT conceived as merely a fix for temperature-induced variations in processes and related barriers to automation.

The use of both bar feeders and gantry loaders on the turn-mill machines has engineers rethinking the role of the parts carrousels. Here, the manufacturing engineer can develop, verify and document every aspect of a new part process, from cost analysis, fixture design and CNC programming to tooling selection, trial runs and capability studies. International Journal of Optics 30 5, The artifact is calibrated on a CMM before being stored on a machine.

Manufacturing engineers are stationed adjacent to the shop floor for regular interaction with operators. The following articles are merged in Scholar.

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 15 3, The recombined beam reaches the detector where they interfere with each other either constructively or destructively. New articles by this author. Uniform dovetail fixtures provide not only multi-part setups for multi-sided machining, but also racking for sets of cutting tools.

Incoherent superimposition of multiple self-imaging under plane wave-front illumination K Interferometris Applied optics 25 14, Nevertheless, the artifact provides an essential link to a known standard of accuracy derived away from the machine. A visitor to the shop floor at Stonehouse could be easily dazzled by its open, tidy appearance and wowed by a closer look at its machining efficiencies.