This precipitated a trip to the Sanguine site, which then showed me that there is a revised version of Ironclaw that has been available since the. Book of , , MB. Book of , , MB. Ironclaw , , Ironclaw is a game made by furries, for furries and about furries. It takes place in a sort of feudal european fantasy setting. Basically Furcadia.

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So, is Ironclaw any good?

Characters also have skills, which are much more specific than attributes. Each weapon adds bonus damage to that.

For someone that really isn’t into anthropomorphic fantasy this also sounds like it would be a good system for doing something akin to Steven Brust’s Dragaeran books. Your ad here, right now: They have esoteric skills and abilities above the common unskilled laborers, and have access to expensive equipment. For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition.

But this pooling rolling cycle happens on each action for every round in combat. Probably deserves better than its premise will ever allow it to achieve.

Ties result in a stalemate unless one actor has more skill dice not trait dice than the other, in which case the more skilled person wins.

Let me share a story with you about something that happens in real exition and how IronClaw is aware of it in ways many games aren’t. For second edition, they have released four supplements so far – the Book of Mysteriesthe Book of Foolsthe Book of Jade and the Book of Adventuresall of which have updated versions of materials from 1e supplements.


You can counterattack to your heart’s content, but you can’t press the attack and assault targets of your own choosing until you’ve done this bit of hiding.

Every character has at least six Traits: Everyone starts the game with the same number of Gifts and Skill Marks Bonuses and Penalties are more dice. Microbadges Ironclaw Fan. Hit points have been replaced with status effects; being damaged can not only injured or kill, it can demoralize a combatant so they can’t attack, which may end a fight. The setting is detailed, and you don’t have to be a furry to enjoy it. If an actor rolls all ‘1’s, it’s a botch that causes additional difficulties to self.

The publisher tossed out some non-furry races to use with the game and setting, and the system and default setting survive removing the talking animals, but it’s not like anyone has a problem with furry people, right? The average player is probably lucky if his enemies think to run from a fight because most GMs like to make all their badguys suicidal derp goblins, though for example, a good GM understands that, on a dry day, a create fire spell could sow enough confusion and panic to really tip the scales of a fight.

By spending build points or through the use of experience points you may increase the die for each attribute or skill.


Ironclaw (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

You need to login to do this. If the difference is more than 5, it is an overwhelming success for the winner. So if I lose, we can back-narrate how I lost based on the highest die rolled on ironcclaw side.

In addition to the main book, Sanguine Productions also published a number of supplements for first-edition Ironclawdetailing the major political players of Calabria. True, there are other techniques, other non-combat skills, but they don’t occupy much of the book.

Kings broker for power with clergy, wizards, and merchants, each one struggling to conquer all they survey. Is that a bonus, or is it a theme that is important to the igonclaw

Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. What’s more, several prey species, like rabbits, can take advantage of this. The cardboard backing of miniature packs is not graded.

Have you looked into Big Eyes, Small Mouth? I was in a hurry the first time. Combat isn’t it’s the best way to show them off, however. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.