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I have to put on that blue sweater, he thinks, something that might go well with a grey suit, autumn is all about putting on and taking off sweaters, locking oneself up, running away. This site uses cookies. The sweater must have barely gotten over the two shoulders and here may be rolled up and tense nadle if the shoulders were too narrow for this sweater, which proves without any doubt that he really did make a mistake and place a hand in the collar and the other hand in a sleeve.

Reviews, essays, and translations. It has something of a concealed dance step about it, irreproachable because it reflects a utilitarian aim not some guilty choreographic tendencies. Email required Address never made public. As such, the distance between the collar and one of the sleeves is exactly half of the distance between one sleeve and the other, and this explains why he may have his head a bit tilted to the left, the side where his hand is still prisoner in the sleeve, if this is in fact the sleeve; and, in contrast, his right hand, which is already out, moves with full freedom in the air even if it may not be able to get the sweater down which is still rolled up on top of his body.

Moreover, there is the taste of the sweater, this blue taste of the wool that must be staining his face now that the humidity of his breath is mixing more and more each time with the wool, even if he cannot see it, because if he opens his eyes his eyelashes bump painfully against the wool. He takes his sweater off and examines his hand, but now the hand is perfectly normal.

Cortazar teaches me to remain awake, inspired and never let my life become a sweater I get stuck on.

No se culpe a nadie – Journal –

The cold always complicates matters; in summer we are all so close to the world, skin to skin. Basically the true solution would be to remove the sweater, provided that he has not been able to put it on, and verify the correct passageway in the sleeves for each hand and in the collar for his head.


Cortazar played with imagery with such mastery, that he needed to invent juloi, because what was in his imagination, no one had ever named before. It is not easy, perhaps owing to the shirt’s sticking to the wool of the sweater. Twitter Facebook Email Reddit. Your reference corhazar not appear until it has been cuple by a website editor. It’s already late and he notices that the air is cool. He finds it difficult regardless to pass his arm through, with his hand advancing little by little until at the end a finger emerges from the blue wool fist.

This is a book of poems, songs, notes and letters. And he does not want to open his eyes and waits a second, two seconds, and lets himself live in a cold and different time, the time of being outside of the sweater. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control coortazar, see here: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Reader Comments 2 See Cortazar could make such a simple act so suspenseful. The English translation by Stephen Kessler is as precise as I have seen. Sse is the essence of our humanity.

And suddenly it is cold in his eyebrows and his forehead, in his eyes.

Don’t Blame Anyone.-

He puts on the sweater, one arm first, but he has trouble forcing the arm through the sleeve. But now that it’s out of the sweater the hand again looks like it always has, and he lets it fall from the end of his lazy arm as it occurs to him that it would cortazat better to pass the other arm through the other sleeve to see whether it would be simpler that way.

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Unless, instead of helping it, it were biting it because all of a sudden the imprisoned hand hurts and the other hand is pressing down with all its might in this endeavor, which must be his hand and which hurts, hurts to the point that he gives up trying to remove the sweater, preferring to make one last effort to get his head out of the collar and the left rat out of the cage.

The fight to come out of the sweater is a symbol of the fight that takes place inside all of us, to create, to destroy, to follow social morality, to break free from it, to be or not to be. It seemed like it would not because hardly has the wool of the sweater gotten stuck to the shirt again, owing still to the operation as well as to his habit of beginning with the other, difficult sleeve, when he starts to whistle again so as to distract himself, feeling that the arm is barely advancing and that, without some kind of complementary manoeuvre, he would never get out of here.

  CCDG 2014 PDF

So more slowly; so he has to use the hand he has placed in the left sleeve, if this is really the sleeve and not the collar. May 31, Amichai Levy. A work “No one is to blame” by this Argentine. Of course, I have been busy, reading and re-reading, taking a screenwriting course, mothering, learning how to cook, how to breathe without medicines, how to arrange furniture, how to keep toddlers busy and 9 year olds healthy… living at large, you may say.

But now at half past six his wife is waiting for him in a store to pick out a wedding gift. Writing, to me seems to come from a place in between worlds, from somewhere in between our two brains.

We are all inside a blue sweater at one point of our lives, struggling to get out and seeing ourselves from the outside, not liking what we see.

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And he tries to do so struggling with his whole body, throwing it forward and back, turning around in the middle of the room, if this is indeed the middle of the room because now he comes to think that the window has been left open and that it is dangerous to keep turning around cortazaf. He chooses to stop even though his right hand keeps coming and going without engaging the sweater, even nadis his left hand hurts more and more every time as if his fingers were bitten off or burnt.

And yet he has lost his orientation after having screamed so many times in this type of euphoric gymnastics which always begins with finding a piece of clothing.