Kytice has ratings and 79 reviews. Milja said: I did read this book in Czech, however i will write the review in english;)I am not that huge fan o. : Kytice: Czech & English Bilingual Edition (): Karel Jaromir Erben, Susan Reynolds: Books. : Kytice (): Karel Jaromir Erben: Books.

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I have a quote here from another well-known 19th century Czech writer, Jan Neruda, who wrote of Erben – and I’ll paraphrase what he wrote here:. Lists with This Book.

She fills her apron with coins, and temporarily sets the child down in the barrow, intending to return to it once she has secured the treasure. One of my favorite czech books.

Kytice by Karel Jaromír Erben

Dreamlike and nightmarish, horrible and beautiful, Kytice is a handful of wild-flowers we are lucky to have dried, preserved and stuck between pages for posterity. I can definitely recommend this book, so make sure you read it! The weak translation didn’t stimulate my brain much ,ytice I don’t have much to say about the tales either, except that they are interesting for their maromr so happy endings, at least most of the time.

The reason why he’s not better known in the outside world, of course, is the notorious difficulty of translating poetry, and I’m hoping that when – as we hope next year – these poems are going to be published in translation, this will do something to make him wider known in the rest of the world, as krel deserves to be. But, on the other hand, my mother’s father’s mother is reputed to have been crazy.


Something fell—beneath the doorway Moisture trickles—tinged with red. Three times this happens. There it sits, there it sits With its plaintive coo; Everyone who hears it feels His heart will break in two. A book about dearh, murder, death, murder I will never listen to Noon Witch the same way again! We’ll erbrn with another of the poems from “Kytice” – “The Bouquet”.

I don’t think that’s entirely the translators fault: It does this, presumably at the cost of literal meaning. I re-read it every two years or so and there’s always something new to find and admire about these timeless poems. He is a khtice of antique calm. The girl is homesick for her mother; her only light is her child.

Which is sad because I would have otherwise enjoyed these tales a lot more than I did. These tales from my cultural past, collected in the mid-nineteenth century, feel very foreign to the modern world.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Or hoot to make it fly In pieces at a bound! Baby’s head—without a body; Tiny body—with no head. The full title of “Kytice” reveals that it’s a collection of motifs ‘from Czech ballads and songs’. On the mound, grasses; At his head, a young oak grows; On that young oak-tree sits A small dove, white as snow.

Karel Jaromir Erben – one of the greatest of all Czech poets, now at last in English translation

But it would be a mistake to see him only as a pedant. This is called “The Wild Dove”. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Anyone who finds Grimm’s Fairy Kyticd to their liking will like this book.

Kytice z pověstí národních

This is pretty melodramatic stuff. In fact she poisoned him. Jul 25, Ada rated it it was amazing. The water-goblin comes to claim his bride, the mother angrily refuses to let her daughter kyhice. He died on November 21, of tuberculosis. He was a deeply musical man. Finally she pleads and pleads with her husband to let her go just once more to visit her mother.


Kytice z pověstí národních – Wikizdroje

The family story is that she had a child there and gave it away to a cousin, and then returned to the US. On the lake the storm is shrieking; In the kytjce the child screams shrill; Screams that pierce the soul with anguish, Then they suddenly fall still.

But among the ballads he found, there were some that seemed to him incomplete.

And the baby – to show that he’s a true little water-goblin – has green hair. Often I’d find I’d get stuck and getting up and walking around actually helped it! To translate both the meaning and the form of such strictly rhyming folk-songs is an astonishing feat. While Twisted Spoon Press is great for bringing Eastern European literature into English and has published a few noteworthy publications, such as the poetry of Sandor Kanyadi, the Arsonist by Egon Hostovsky and Primeval by Olga Tokarczuk, the more I’ve read their publications the less impressed I’ve been of their output as a whole and have felt an aversion every time I see their books in a bookshop.

However, this is my number 1 book when it comes to both Czech and Slavic literature.