The Karezza Method, by J. William Lloyd [], at This is because it’s not about technique or a goal driven encounter, instead it’s a The gentleman who introduced me to the Karezza method shared his insights. The Karezza Method, published in , is a beautiful, inspiring manual about the practice of Karezza (controlled intercourse) by J. William Lloyd. Thoughtfully.

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Lie on your back, open your legs and relax. As your hands caress her, tell her how beautiful her features are to you – her brow, her hair, her lips, her throat – her arms, hands, bosom, waist, the flowing rounded lines of her limbs.

Give her your soul’s best, always your best – and call out the best and purest from her. One of the interesting things around Karezza are the idea’s about what Karezza is and is not.

And where do yeasts thrive best? It’s kind of a moving target. Rather than going from action sex to laying there without movement, just reduce the movement slowly and start tuning into to the subtle sexual energies that lie beneath the surface of conventional sex. My experience with the two finger retention practice is that it has a place in the journey to living beyond orgasm.

If you do emit some semen, you will significantly reduce the amount lost by employing this method. If while you are penetrating you feel the orgasm irresistibly approaching, withdraw entirely, lift yourself a little higher up and have the emission against her body, while you are pressed close to her warmth and consoling love.

It is right here, after one or two failures, that most men give up and declare the whole thing impossible. How do you know if the feelings are just passing by or if they’re the real deal? If it’s to learn anything, then maybe you should start with this article: Let the room be warm, the surroundings pleasant and esthetic; and be as unhampered by clothing as possible.


I would classify karezza as intercourse without orgasm and without vigorous movement. It is as if the genitals know what to do and all you have to do is relax and let it happen.

Therefore it is recommended that couples work on the process together. It would also help if more consideration were given to the limitations of the scientific method and evidence-based medicine. So with all of the focus that most people put on orgasms, why are some drawn to karezza? This is your tecunique of invitation – of her blissful welcome and Nature’s chrism.

It really help[s me to feel connected. Pour out your soul to her in extravagance of out-gushing, poetic love.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive has thousands more e-books available. It simply means that your body is adjusting to retaining and reabsorbing the semen into the surrounding groin tissue.

Remember, avoid getting heated up. Instead of foreplay, what do we do when we get into bed?

The Karezza Method | Reuniting

If this starts to happen, pull out and go back to cuddling and lying still together. If you do not come nearer heaven in this act and relation, than in anything else you do or ever will do, you fail of perfect Karezza.

The Atlantic recently coined this as a “sexual recession,” suggesting that this numerical decline in reported physical intimacy could have an impact…. As a result the lovemaking goes in waves, much like breathing.

How To Practice Karezza – (Part 2)

The Loved One can never be too much praised or appreciated by the Lover. We are slowly moving toward his really embracing Karezza and even enjoying it. This powerful drive produces orgasms, but not necessarily the profound feelings of safety or desire to remain close to your partner.


Later, Karezza came to be defined by both of the partners having a non-orgasmic sexual experience. For some people that may mean taking a nap throughout the day, for others, it will mean an increased libido.

The yechnique of Karezza is not on sexual passion but spiritual love for another person. It knows what it is doing and will do special things at different times.

How Does Karezza Work?

Go try that karezza stuff and let us have the fun. Any man can succeed if he will persevere. You can continue the embrace for half tevhnique hour, an hour, or even two hours. The objective is to send the sexual energy back and forth between you, not discharge it. That’s where one would think someone would have been kareaza to look. But practitioners argue that Karezza is infinitely more satisfying than more traditional types of sexual intercourse, where orgasm is the end result. The penis, no matter what length, creates an energetic connection with the cervix.

Stop sex two weeks. We could use a resident taoist to clarify some of these things. The point of Karezza is moving very slowly and at times falling into complete stillness. Due to the fact that the male genitals have experienced a constant build-up of tension through orgasm and ejaculation, this type of gentle massage from a female greatly relieves soreness and pain in that area. Does soft entry work? I just don’t see the point in sex without orgasm, I guess because I’ve had an orgasm every time I’ve had sex.