Nearly a century on, the King-Byng affair of is still considered the mother of all constitutional crises in Canada and the example everyone. In it, journalist Bruce Hutchison explains quite succinctly the complex series of events known as the King-Byng affair (also called by some – the King-Byng Wing . Instead, Byng invited the opposition Conservatives to replace King’s Liberals as the The CBC’s Peter Gzowski surveys the effect of the Star-Kist affair on.

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It ended with King winning an eventual election, and no governor general ever again publicly refusing the advice of a prime minister. The new House, largely due to the support of the Progressives, backed the minority Liberal government.

King-Byng Affair

Other authorities agreed with King, since, by custom, the Lord Byng of Vimy was obligated to heed the Prime Minister’s request to call the election. A Life Guided by the Hand of Destiny. General and Governor General.

James Douglas Gold Rush Fever Meighen campaigned by accusing the Liberals of corruption and maladministration. Byng returned to the United Kingdom, leaving Canada on 30 September a much respected man, despite the political crisis.

Within weeks, Meighan proved unable to keep the confidence of the House and a new election was called. Accessed 31 December Governor General Julian Byng was having none of it. Views Read Edit View history. Arthur Meighen and his Conservatives formed a minority government. When scandal and a vote of non-confidence threatened King’s minority government: During the twenties he was sent over by Britain to be the Governor General: Byng granted his request.

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The King-Byng Affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis pitting the powers of a prime minister against the powers of a governor general. Nearly a century on, the King-Byng affair of is still considered the mother of all constitutional crises in Canada and the example everyone turns to when serious drama breaks out in Parliament. On 30 October, King visited Byng after consulting with the rest of Cabinet and informed the Governor General that his government would continue until parliament decided otherwise.

The Progressives were already distancing themselves from the government because of its failure to transfer control of Alberta ‘s natural resources from the federal government to the province, but in June had saved the government from defeat in a no-confidence motion on the matter.

This government lasted only three days, however, before it lost a vote in the House of Commons and an election had to be called after all. All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from November All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Filed under News Canada.

King-Byng Affair | The Canadian Encyclopedia

To avoid the inevitable vote on the Fansher amendment, which would either force his government’s resignation or kibg-byng his administration into disrepute, King went to Byng on 26 June seeking a dissolution of parliament.

June 28, letter in which the Prime Minister announced his resignation. Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map.


The Governor General and the Prime Ministers: Mackenzie King won a majority government. The Progressive Party’s support was temporarily retained by the formation of a special committee to investigate the corruption in the customs department.

Its report, which was presented to the House of Commons, acknowledged that there was widespread fraud in the department but did not specifically criticise the government. The King-Byng crisis of is still paying it forward nearly a century later.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. At that time, convention dictated that the ministers of the Crown drawn from the House of Commons were obliged upon appointment to resign their seats in parliament and run for re-election. Canadian governors general would hereafter always follow the advice of the Canadian prime minister.

The crisis came to redefine the role of governor generalnot only in Canada but throughout the Dominionsbecoming a major impetus in negotiations at Imperial Conferences held in the late s that led to the adoption of the Statute of Westminster Meighen asked Byng for a dissolution and an election. Byng instead asked the opposition Conservatives—the largest single party in the House—to form a government under Arthur Meighen. June 29, King Wins Election The election was called for 14 September The Liberals would govern until the election.