Gotz Ali is the author of Hitler’s Beneficiaries ( avg rating, ratings, La utopía nazi: Cómo Hitler compró a los alemanes by. Götz Aly,. Gotz Ali. La utopía nazi: cómo Hitler compró a los alemanes by Götz Aly at uk – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Crítica – : La utopía nazi Cómo hitler compró a los alemanes.

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This book is brilliant. This is an important book to read, not only to understand history correctly, but to see the similarities between developments in Nazi Germany and those happening now in the US, and to remember that when the government starts providing entitlements, somebody has to pay for them.

Some reviews I have read suggest that Aly may draw too materialist an explanation of why Germans continued to support Hitler, and I have not gotten so far as to be sure I agree.

Esther Mateo’s review of La utopía nazi: Cómo Hitler compró a los alemanes

La respuesta es simple: The legal and economic methods used for the transfer of wealth to those who were part of Hitler’s Volk allowed them to experience the Gofz Reich as essentially normal life, and indeed a better normal life than many had during the years of hyperinflation and depression.

In many ways it’s far more interesting than the accounts of the battles, though drier. Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ caused massive debts, which it attempted to reconcile by basically stealing other people’s money.

All the money obtained from this was channelled into generous social programs and government handouts so that Wly could enjoy an improved standard of living. So to answer the question, Hitler literally bought the German An excellent and well researched answer to the question of how the Nazis gained so much support from so many Germans for as long as they did?


Whose apartment did you move into? An excellent and well researched answer to the question of how the Nazis gained so much support from so many Germans for as long as they did? Other than that it makes it easier to understand not the active support that the lay gave to Hitler but the silent consent of the majo The book is easy to read although you can easely get lost in the annotations that the author uses, I aoy that in a first read it is better to ignore them.

Above all, as Omer Bartov testifies, this remarkable book “irreversibly transforms our understanding ay the Third Reich. Return to Book Page. This required a great deal of money, which the Nazis acquired, primarily from three sources: Years ago there was a book I believe called, Anti-semitism: It’s mentioned that when Germany was finally defeated around 45, Germans were seen walking through the utopis plump and well clothed – unlike people in surrounding countries at the time.

Clearly, their technique worked.

One example, German troops came into France with special currency usably only in France. For example, many people are under the false impression that the Nazis were “right wing” or conservative, yet the term “Nazi” is short for “National Socialist German Workers Party.

Thanks for telling us about naazi problem. For years, the German Research Foundation also supported the development of technocratic plans for the slaughter of millions of people.

Die dabei zutage tretenden Erkenntnisse zeigen ein interessantes Bild. They paid xly everything they took or needed from the civilian populace. We see how Jews uhopia citizens from Nazi occupied lands suffered from crippling taxation, mass looting, forced labour, and destruction.

This was a bit of a tough one to get through. To ask other readers questions about Hitler’s Beneficiariesplease sign up. Mar 02, Russell rated it liked it.

Hitler’s Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State

I had no idea that the Nazis stole as much as they did. Gotz Aly shows how every German benefited from the Nazis’ system of plunder during WWII and justifies how that plunder kept the German populace quiescent.


Race, religion and prejudice clearly played a role in the Hol During the First World War, the standard of living of the German people suffered, which reduced support for the war.

It’s complicated, and there were many times I would have liked more background information. Connelly’s review was helpful in confirming the novelty of this work as many reviewers mention, this is the first book to highlight how Nazis financed WWII thro I enjoyed his introduction a bit too much because he claims that the Nazi regime was exceptionally a “young” one!

Aly presents a very simple thesis about the Nazi regime: Oct 09, Jaclyn rated it really liked it Recommended to Jaclyn by: Since no one else wanted them, they killed them.

Hitler’s Beneficiaries: Plunder, Racial War, and the Nazi Welfare State by Götz Aly

Connelly is a bit critical of Aly’s point on how much support the Nazis attained from ordinary German people and shifting the guilt consciousness among former Nazi participantsbut these criticisms appeared strangely weak. Aly’s focus on the economics and social policies of the Nazis I think is highly enlightening.

The French banks were required to exchange the Germany currency for French francs. Nov 29, Relstuart rated it really liked it Shelves: One thing I hadn’t tracked on very well despite reading many books on the holocaust was how when Jews were rounded up their household goods were gathered and sent to various aid societies to give to bombing victims who lost xly houses and goods.