Data IC LA Data Voltage PIN 1. SIF OUTPUT V PIN 2. IF AGC FILTER 0V PIN 3. SIF INPUT V PIN 4. FM FILTER V PIN 5. LA PIN 1= SIF OUTPUT [V DC] PIN 2= IF AGC FILTER PIN 3= SIF INPUT [V DC] PIN 4= FM FILTER PIN 5= FM OUTPUT [V~V] PIN 6= AUDIO. Part Number: LA Function: 64Pin LA for Color Television Receiver / SERVICE MANUAL. Maker: Unspecified Pinouts: LA

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Enable Killer circuit Ever when the color control is minimized, but maybe there is still has little color left in the picture. This means that the circuits of power supply, horizontal la67931s, vertical scanning and video amplification are normal and they are not considered in the repairing. When the cathodes heat up ,you will see an even picture with diagonal retrace lines and then it will switch off. Decaying or erratic focus or screen G2 dxtasheet The fellow applies to both CRT focus voltage which should be a few KV and screen or G2 voltage which should be several hundred V The screen voltage will come to normal after sitting over night.

Vertical deflection, signal circuits, and high voltage supplies and non-rectified load e. Please transform beam current into voltage. This IC has a function which is used for horizontal position fine adjustment: If you connect a charged HV capacitor guessing a couple hundred volts, a couple microfarads between G2 and G1 or focus, you will know if tapping the neck results in a momentary short!

If you get readings that do not make sense, you may be using your equipment in a way which is confusing it.

The sample oscillation circuit characteristics may differ applications. The best location will also be relatively dust free and allow you to suspend you troubleshooting to eat or sleep or think without having to pile everything into a cardboard box for storage.


Vdet 1 Select Vertical sync system.

la76931 service manual – Datasheet PDF, IC Circuit

We all make datasheeh – some of them can be quite costly. Before checking these circuits ,a kind of practical test method is introduced. There is no necessary to connect an external capacity if a stereo IC is used. The advantage of a flyback rectifier is that it provides 7 times more volts per winding than a scan rectifier. The full flyback and yoke current are now flowing through the forward biased damper diode,D1.

For example, if the Vcc is 5V, it is 3V. Thencheck the voltage on both sides with a high impedance voltmeter. Most connectors are keyed against incorrect insertion or interchange lengths or have slightly different thread types.

la service manual – Datasheet PDF, IC Circuit |

Ug charge C reversely. The reason is that la769931s drive conditions will now be wrong most likely underdrive and the transistor will overheat from too high conduction losses.

Its value is therefore not critical. The signal, which is peak detected by the AGC detector, is smoothed by the external capacitor and become to AGC voltage. The scenario described below is only true in the steady state- the first few scans are different because the picture tube capacitance is still discharged.

Color killer set too high internal control if it has one. In TV la769931s, it need switching typical power to provide stable DC. Do not start with the electronic test equipmentstart with some analytical thinking.

This same principle applies at datxsheet electronic. It has the effect of modifying the sawtooth current into a sine-wave shape. Removing the CRT pcb results in the screen voltage returning the normal This is very likely a short between electrodes inside the CRT unless there is something on the neck board that is breaking down as a result of some connection to the CRT.


If you substitute a catasheet transistor more amps, more volts, more watts, faster switching, whatever for a lighter one, then there is a very big chance that it will fail earlier, not later.

Use a resister of 4.

One large filter capacitor to smooth the unregulated DC. The control grid voltage will end up the little board on the neck of the CRT check there as well for bad solder connections or open resistors. What happens to picture?

For understanding the working of the deflection circuit regard the flyback transformer as a inductor. We recommend using together with LA serial. There is necessary to use a coupling capacitor to combine with it. At the time the current passes through 0,the S-cap 9 Is charged to its maximum. The input impedance Ri is about 1. This reduces the scanning speed near the edges.

If you get stucksleep on it. But, it is possible that the output of IF signal or noise signal of IF circuit may interfere the video signal in some expected conditions. Ka from the loudspeakers. Near the end of scanthe HOT turns off and the cycle repeats. One alternative is simply to cut the wire in a location that is well away from any place to short out, solder, and then do a most excellent job of insulating the splice.

They do not cause an increase of the stored magnetic energy so a heavy load is not a problem. What happens to the HV? So the working condition of V can be controlled. The main filter capacitor C is very important.

Thus the peak current in the winding will be quite high, resulting in a significant voltage drop when loaded.