Jacques Lacan was one of the most important psychoanalysts ever to wide- ranging primer, Lionel Bailly demonstrates how Lacan’s ideas are. The right of Lionel Bailly to be identified as the Author of this work has been of Lacanian practice revealed of the theory – and it seems to me that many of. Lionel Bailly, MRCPsych, a Psychoanalyst and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist , He is in charge of teaching the ‘Lacan’ units in the MSc in Theoretical.

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I see what you are doing, and I know why you are doing it; my condolences. What is the result? Jan 14, Anh Xu Beo rated it it was amazing. Lione, Posts 08 Nov.

Lacan is one of the most intimidating intellectual thinkers, this introduction made his ideas very clear and accessible. Presented in two four-hour sections, this audiobook presents theorist Lacan to beginners. Lacan’s use of synecdoche, metonymy and metaphor are also explained perhaps too quickly and not deeply enough. Probably the first primer that I’ll revisit. Jun 18, Joli Hamilton rated it it was amazing Shelves: He mentions the main points of the graph of desire, lwcan need, demand and desire, without ever mentioning the graph of desire.

Great Introduction bally Difficult Thinker Lacan is one of the most intimidating intellectual thinkers, this introduction made his ideas very clear and accessible.

Otherwise, the book presents basic concepts as coherently as it’s possible considering baillly a messy thinker Lacan was and what I especially liked is that Bailly tried to illustrate Lacan’s concepts with clinical examples. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

It is an excellent, clearly-written primer on Lacan’s ideas, and while my brain is still reeling from Lacan’s insights into language and identity acquistion, I feel I have firmer grasp of these ideas now.


While this is the most accessible work to Lacanian psychoanalysis, it’s still the most challenging introductory text I’ve ever read on a topic and I have already read a few other primers on Lacan’s idea.

Lacan: Bolinda Beginner Guides

Aug nailly, Tom Syverson rated it it was amazing. He seems to be the perfect evolution on Freud I’ve been looking for. View all 3 comments. Nonetheless, I recommend reading both books for the perspectives they offer. Still, this volume may benefit with a brief chapter on the limitation and strength of Lacan’s approach. Peter Singer Narrated by: Apr 24, Sohel Rana rated it it was amazing.

Strong introduction to the ineffable Lacan’s brilliance and obtuseness come through in this enjoyable tour of his major innovations. Among the better introductions to Lacan out there.

Actually left me feeling that I am on the way to a reasonable understanding of Lacan – so proof that I am definitely stuck in the realm of the imaginary: Books by Lionel Bailly. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Lacan Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly – Appliedjung

Lacan took Freud’s ideas to the next level but oddly his popularity is among students in the philosophy and linguistic lavan and not in psychiatric studies. Perhaps some of the mathemes may require more explanation for people who are not acquainted with this side of Lacan.

Jesse Wattenbarger rated it it was amazing Jun 17, There is much other material in this short book, including a final chapter on counseling as opposed to psychoanalysis in the 21st cen. Jul 26, Vladimir rated it really liked it. Suffice it to say lionrl I believe biological reductionism, the position that declares a wholly mathematical understanding of the mind as a mix of neurons, cortisol, dopamine, and other such nomenclature, is a bqilly Luddite scientism.


Soon after she returned, she Jul 12, Greg rated it it was ok. Mindbending Psychoanalysis Tagsgiving Sweepstakes. Bailly explains things in such a way that they make perfect sense, but lipnel neatness is not only impossible reading the primary source material, but Lacan himself would find it abhorrent to what he was trying to say all along. Highly recommended for newcomers to this relevant, fertile body of thought.

Is it so ridiculous to llionel that epiphenomena can be understood better—vastly better—through epiphenomenal tools than through brute force elemental analysis? Jul 23, Jerrett Lyday rated it really liked it. How does Bailly explain jouissance phallique, which is jouissance that pivots around language and reason? Virtually every topic is boiled down and explain This is the perfect book for anyone completely new to Lacan.

And, for that matter, everything else. Bolinda Beginner Guides By: Diedre Rubenstein narrates in a sharp, clear voice, reminiscent of a favorite college professor, the one who could keep you on the edge of your chair on a Monday morning.

But who was this guy with a weird name that preceded Daniel Dennett? Jan 19, AC rated it it was amazing Shelves: The first mirror, however, is actually the gaze of the mother. The second half is rewarding if and only if you are into the clinical application.

What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. He closes with a remarkable explanation of the four discourses and some practical remarks and future prospects.