Lidetu Ayalew is a very shrewd, articulate and pragmatic politician with a tinge Medrek ought to be brave and take a leaf out of Lidetu’s book;. Time Revealed the Truth about Lidetu Ayalew . Lidetu is the only Ethiopian ever who wrote two books in less than 5 years, as the Chairman of. Lidetu Ayalew: Adjustment and Change Never Changed. his perceived character assassination through his books Yearem Ersha and Medlot.

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Hailu Shawel, who owns a massive mansion in the US, stood on a platform with the late cerebral Prime Minister and publically announced to abide by the constitution which he relentlessly tried to discard.

On the other hand, these kinds of issues by their nature are not issues which are raised at certain time and get settled once and for all. Yes, there are differences between political parties but the major obstacle was hearsay. The party has been talking about lack of good governance in the last twenty years.

But, like I said before, the basic reason behind this is the biok to address the problems appropriately and in a timely manner.

Time Revealed the Truth about Lidetu Ayalew – Ethiofact

People were being killed for their political beliefs over the past 50 years. Ethiofact Ethiopian News and Views. The aftermath of that election, although it won Lidetu and his party seats in parliament, alienated him from a strong support base due to a split within the Coalition for Unity and Democracy CUD. On the one hand, this election result reflected that plurality of view has lost any footing in the Ethiopian political system. Yes he suffered but finally won, thank God the Almighty who kept him safe thru the last 4 years.

One time they say democracy is an existential issue, only to come back and say that development should come first even at the expense of democracy. It is a nice update from Bugna. It has exacerbated the extremely polarized relation between the opposition and the ruling party.

Recently, following the chain of political unrest in Oromia and Amhara Regional State and the current debacle regarding severe deficits of the EPRDF-led government in delivering good governance and stamping out rent-seeking and corruption, Solomon Goshu of The Reporter approached the seasoned politician to reflect on current events that have transpired in the political agenda.


Also the change they wanted was solely regime change. May 7, at 1: We have been told that those who stood against TPLF had nothing good to offer and ahalew as forces of destruction. Limiting ourselves to ayaelw only the sins and cruelty of the EPRDF won’t help us understand why it has been able to rule for so long. That is an assault on your own credibility than a score against the ruling party.

Lidetu Ayalew

Although the party is seeing the problem from its own perspective, the problem is also a threat to the overall lideetu security of the nation; and I argue that should have been the frame bkok reference to evaluate the problem. Primarily, such federalist arrangement hinges on apportioning political power and sources fairly among the various ethnic groups in the country.

Compared to Kenya or Nigeria, the level of corruption in Ethiopia some five or six years ago was largely negligible. It is wrong to give up when you lose elections.

Nevertheless, if the opposition develops a new culture of addressing its internal problems in a frank and open manner, it will be able to strengthen itself: May 7, at 8: But the majority of the political organizations abroad have greatly contributed to the political problem at home using their financial capability. And that money does not come without strings attached. The man, who promised a regime change in Ethiopia within six months over four years ago, is experiencing tough and exceedingly painful episodes.

But the reality in EDP is different from that. You have no place in our heart! This page was last edited on 10 Augustat Why do you think it is so? But we need to differentiate the good from the bad. He was born in in the historical town of Lasta, LalibelaEthiopia – also known as Bugna woreda.

Lidetu Ayalew is a very shrewd, articulate and pragmatic politician with a tinge of arrogance. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Ethiopic characters. That is Lidetu for you; a truth hero which the ruling party has nothing to say to him directly but dispatches negative and misleading information through the Cadres to isolate Lidetu from the people. The peaceful struggle cannot flourish when the public is divided on the means to assume power.

  DECL 094 PDF

If these people had succeeded with what they set out to achieve, the economic boom we are witnessing in Ethiopia today and the cohesion of the country would not have been possible. During the 40th anniversary of TPLF celebrations recently, we have been hearing how the party has always been on the right course with a clear path.

I may have played bopk role in that process. We need to start frankly assessing our own weaknesses and mistakes; not tomorrow but today. It is mostly influenced by defamation and hearsay. Without defeating its inner liddetu, it cannot get rid of those corrupt individuals in the bureaucracy.

So for me, the EPRDF is in the process of power consolidation and it is not clear yet where this consolidation leaves the decisive power: Members of CUD did not have similar political goals. It is about political loyalty.

If you ask me it could be a spur of the moment thing; but if it is indeed spoken intentionally, I would say that it is a really debatable issue.

There should be no place for uncivilised politics in our country in this day and age. From people who passionately kissed Birhanu’s picture on the back cover to those who stayed all night reading it and failing to appear on work the next day, moving stories abound.

In line with that, there were reports that some members of EDP have asked you to play a role behind the scenes in order to protect the image of the party. This is political corruption.