What is Heroes of Rokugan? Heroes of Rokugan (HoR for short), is an ongoing role-playing campaign (sometimes called a “living” style campaign) using the. The world of Rokugan expands before you with the new Living Card GameĀ® of honor and steel. Choose your Great Clan and overrun your. Heroes of Rokugan 3 Modules – a recently finished “living” role-playing Campaign. For those unfamiliar with “living” campaigns they are mostly.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. So How Pre-game will be handled is that you will make exp character for an Imperial Winter Court. Where can I find the Heroes of Rokugan 1 modules?

Tales of Rokugan will have a Pre-games and a Main-game. Since we don’t have a RPG forum yet and it looks like a new edition is years away I thought we could start a thread for resource material like we had at the old AEG forums.

I am waiting for the AEG forums to be up again to get a couple of schools and resources from there. Heroes of Rokugan 3 Modules – a recently finished “living” role-playing Campaign. How do you play this campaign?

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Questions about this project? Sign In Sign Up. This tier includes all previous tiers, plus the Blessings of the Soul cert, which gives the bearer the ability to take one of the following advantages with XP only:. It’s got a very nice editable character sheet which comes with easily usable macros for rolling stuff. After Pre-game has ended all characters will be retired yes this can be a pain and yes you did get attached to your samurai but pre-games was for testing and gaining valuable feedback from players on how we can provide the best experience Then what will happen with Main-game?


I’ve found these pages useful numerous times.

[RPG] Role-playing Resources – Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game – FFG Community

Scheduled games are planned ahead and will be through sign-up on the forum. It is for instance always possible that a mod might not be finished in time, in which case Chris has a back up mod to put in it’s lifing. Sama – Title appended to both the surnames or given names of rokuhan or women worthy of respect, regardless of any title or office; it is also used attached to office titles e.

Normally, samurai would not concern themselves with lowly matters of commerce, but in this case, the cause is worth it! Learn more about accountability. Specifically I’m rrokugan for anything from before the scorpion clan coup in the timeline, or anything I can amend and use for this period. The Card Game Search In. As far as I know it is up to date: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. We try and have GMs run scenes that favor Euro times and American times but sadly I rokuga say American times are often the majority of scenes.

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Heroes of Rokugan | Series | RPGGeek

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. L5R Wiki – thanks to this group who run and update the wiki we have a massive collection of L5R lore which is a great resource material for the RPG:. Estimated delivery May At times the players rokugann feel separated, and we wish to avoid that.

That said, there’s a good chunk of info there that could prove useful for liviing wanting to expand upon some of the setting fluff. Sign in Already have an account? This one concluded at Gencon and used the 3rd Edition of L5R and all the modules are available below: Posted September 19, edited.


We were not the first ones to do so and a lot of what’s there was created by other awesome GM types You know who you are. With the main game you will start out with a 55 exp character, and gain 4 exp for every game week, so since there are 9 game weeks planned for the first season you character will gain 36 exp over the course of the season.

We are livimg our annual gathering, Weekend in Rokugan, for a weekend of gaming, larps, and time with our friends! A bigger risk is the weather, of course.

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What is Heroes of Rokugan?

Email Required, but never shown. Edited September 21, by WHW. I’ve saved up some of it, though wether or not they’re accurate is another thing as I can’t read kanji. We use rocketchat because it is great for mobile users along with standard pc users. Main game will have a similar setup to pre-game in that we have two spheres of play, unlike rokugaan those sphere are dependent on each other and often play off one of the main focuses for Tales of Rokugan is the crossover between spheres.

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