Context, Discourse and Vision of Lohia’s Socialism. RAJARAM TOLPADI. Five aspects of Rammanohar Lohia’s socialist pursuit stand out. paper to indicate Lohia’s attempts to develop an indigenous^ autonomous socialism as an alternative to Nehru vian socialism or Eurocentred socialism. Dr. LOHIA: TOWARDS ‘NEW SOCIALISM’. DR. RAM CHANDRA GUPTA. Once Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia said, “I have nothing with me except that the common.

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The party started its Weekly, the Congress Socialist, to disseminate lohja socialist ideology among the Congress workers and the Indian masses, the editorship of which was entrusted to Dr. Prof Satya Mitra Dubey is a veteran sociologist, social-political analyst and a former Vice-Chancellor. Soicalism further tells in his Wheel of History that human history is characterized by a tussle between crystallized castes and loosely cohesive classes. In place of halting and gradualistic reforms of property and in comet socialization of all property except such as does not employ hired labour and the fixing of a top-bottom ratio in incomes will be brought about.

A leader who not only protested against the British rulers, but also raised voice against social injustice, caste discrimination, and welfare of women. He propounded that Indian and Asian socialism should be different from the European Marxist thought process of socialism, since historical, material and social conditions are different in the two continents.

Mahatma GandhiIndian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist movement against the British rule of India. Significant protest movements in India and elsewhere against subtle or brazen forms of domination and exploitation ensure that the outlook for radical democracy remains alive.

JP joined the Bhoodan movement launched by Vinoba Bhave.

Internet URLs are the best. There was a problem with your submission. The same story was repeated in the case of Spain, France and Holland where the growth of capitalism largely depended on imperialist expansion and exploitation of resources of their colonies. Mankind soxialism to face another crisis known as the Cold War between the capitalist countries led by America and the communist countries led by Soviet Russia.


In Lohia was elected to the Lok Sabha the lower house of parliamentwhere he was noted for his sharp criticism of government policies.

Biography: Lohia-The socialist leader

EPW looks forward to your comments. At the ideological level, the path of socialism must be distinct and at equal distance from the paths of capitalism and communism. In fact, socialism must first achieve the union of mankind in the mind before it can translate that into practice.

No alliance with either the Congress or the Communist Party as maintained in the Gaya thesis of the party ; complete internal democracy or freedom to discuss internal differences publicly; and disciplined functioning of the party.

With the emergence in of the Quit India movement—a campaign initiated by Mohandas K. Dr Lohia and JP were almost the last political prisoners who were released from jail in April Asian Socialism cannot afford to be that.

Please note that comments are moderated as per our comments policy. Lohia supported the movement launched by the Nepali Congress against the Rana regime in Nepal from its beginning in and he was arrested in May along with several socialist workers while protesting in front of the Nepal embassy in Xocialism.

More broadly defined, however, the term comprehends actual as well as…. skcialism

Dr Rammanohar Lohia: A Rebel Socialist and a Visionary

Another discouraging feature of Asian politics is the emergence of a new class of bureaucrats lohiaa technocrats. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

As an alternative, there was a communist revolution in Russia and the Fascist takeover in Italy In the same book, Lohia states that today seven revolutions are taking place everywhere in the world. Socialims too was much impressed by his sharp mind, his talent for speaking and his fervent nationalism. Lohia came to believe that the methods adopted by European socialists for economic and political reconstruction were not suitable to Asian countries, particularly to India and Indonesia.


A leader who was imprisoned the highest number of times in Independent India than colonial India. Although his parliamentary influence was sociqlism limited, his progressive views, which he expressed in numerous publications, proved inspirational to many Indians. Lohia considered the mixing of dogmatic religious and political considerations a bane of Asian politics, because it leads to the development of sectarian and communal outlook.

At the peak of his political glory, only at the age of 57, his life-journey came to an end in October, He held this post for about two years. He, therefore, did not like the P.

Indian National Congressbroadly based political party of India. A Rebel Socialist and a Visionary. However, the normative elements that constituted Lohia’s socialist vision have not disappeared. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling socialidm grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

He stressed the need of original thinking and socialisn on the part of Asian socialists. InLohia became a Member of Parliament for the first time.

Ram Manohar Lohia | Indian politician and activist |

In the form of a great human crisis, the First World War was the fallout of the contradictions among the capitalist-imperialist countries.

In his stormy political career, he was closely associated with the founding and editing of journals.

They could prove to be important to any project reconstructing the normative domain of Indian politics.