Manual completo de uso de Cinelerra CV, el software libre de edición de Vídeo profesional para Linux por excelencia. Como ya se mencionó, la comunidad a ̃nade nuevas mejoras al código de HV. Este manual surge a partir de “Secrets of Cinelerra”, una introducción. Cinelerra does primarily 3 main things: capturing, compositing, and editing audio fallen a bit behind with merging HV’s releases, but it still is our goal to do so. I strongly recommend downloading the well-written manual and browsing it first.

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Unreal Media Server The Floss manuals guide situates itself between existing manuals: I have since switched to SuSE 9.

Open Source Video » Blog Archive » Cinelerra-CV Floss-Manual

Our hosted tools are virus and malware scanned with several antivirus programs using www. There was 1 library I didn’t have that was needed to run Cinellera. I am hesitant to compare Cinelerra to Adobe or Vegas because it does what I want and does it well so I see no need to peg it as an alternative to anything in Windows. In Januarythe cinelera working behind cinelerra. Cinelerra-CV can be considered a fork, although we try manuual develop it in a direction not diverging cinelegra the original and merge with all the new releases from the original project.

The writers transfered their author-rights to Flossmanuals francophone and were payed for their work. Though in the past, Adam Williams stopped by at our mailing list occasionally. Being new to Linux, I was forced, after 3 hours of trying to get the files restored, to completely reinstall the OS.


Review by GMaq on Dec manuxl, Version: Click to enlarge screenshot. I am just pointing this out to hopefully finally lay to rest any myth that may still linger about Linux video editing not being ready or being difficult.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Ej Rating from Oct 13, File size: Flossmanuals France will sell the printed version at the democratic price of 7 euros tbc. When there is a new official release, few members usually just Johannes Sixt merge HV’s code with our code taking the new enhancements from HV, and re-arranging our version to be more similar to the original whitespace, function naming, directory naming, slight changes in implementations etc.

The team of writers was assembled from beginner- intermediate- and advanced users, which allowed for making a difference mxnual documentation which is written by individual developers or expert users: Contrary to what I’ve always heard, Cinelerra mnual NOT hard to use at all but to use it comfortably requires a very hi-res display or better a multi-head X display setup. It has 4 main windows consisting of a timeline, a viewer for editing clips, resources window and compositor window to display the output as formatted, It will import many types of clips fn some MPEG-2, DVD require indexing with a 3rd party indexing tool.

Manual Oficial Cinelerra CV

The targeted reader is familiar with the basic principles of digital video-editing but has no or little experience with Cinelerra or other open-source tools for video-editing. The manual is written from the perspective of the videomaker who wants to execute certain tasks.

  ACI 330R-01 PDF

It works on bit and bit Windows. He is also accepting feedback on our mailing list. We intend to fix them as users find bugs and as time permits to fix them before making a new release. With the help of this book, newcomers to Cinelerra should be able to quickly understand the basic principles of the tool.

Our goals have not changed to this day: It may not contain the latest versions. Rather than implementing the latest cutting-edge technology, new features of the software are tested for a while and patches from the community have to be a approved by a core developer.

The french Floss-manuals are used in Europe, Canada, African and Asian countries where French is the primary or secondary language. Be careful when you install the software and disable addons that you don’t want!


Hide search and browse box. A glossary sheds light on some terms that are often used in the world of Cinelerra video editing. New HV releases often have cienlerra in the form of bugs or usability issues, since HV only builds for few distros.

The Cinelerra-CV manual combines aspects of both approaches: The domain was then taken over by a different project, which is following commercial interests.