Chad Kultgen’s latest novel, The Average American Marriage is the sequel to his provocative first novel, The Average American Male. That leaves us with Chad Kultgen’s newest release, The Average American Marriage. It’s the sequel to Chad’s debut in publishing; The. In Kultgen’s sequel to The Average American Male, his unnamed narrator is now unhappily married to Alyna and they have two kids, Andy and.

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I bought and read his next book Men, Women and Children just before I went off to live abroad for a year and change. And on numerous occasions I’ve had hearty John Magua laughs while reading this book. I just loved the dirty man humor. Not for the squeamish! Feb 21, Peter Knox rated it liked it Shelves: This narrator is overall unforgettable. Married couples could easily see themselves here.

If you’re a woman or a man and find this book gross or shocking its just further proof that you can’t handle the reality of what menMOST men actually think and sayit’s genius and this kind of raw honesty is needed. He’s brutal in his honesty. Jun 21, Giselle rated it it was marriagge. View all 3 comments. This may be a tactic the author planned as the main character has grown older chsd has gotten married, but it also dampened the spirit of the book a bit.

Has two kids that he appears to be a surprisingly good father to.

The Average American Marriage by Chad Kultgen

Your email address will not be published. The characters are nothing more than shit- and cum- stained cardboard cutouts. I am sad to say that the first book was better. Mar 24, Casey Phillips rated it it was ok. Di In all honesty He is, more or less, where he was at years before.


Feb 12, Russell Davis rated it liked it. You are plugg A brutally honest portrayal of the vapid and conflicted lives of unsuccesfuly married American and Canadian men.

I was very pleased that the author was able to have these in his novels without taking away from the plot line or doing them injustices.

A lot of profanity, even if it is between guys! I should really give myself permission to not finish books now and then. But it was just had way too many words that I don’t want to hear 20 times in a sentence.

When that falls short of adequate satisfaction, he strikes up an affair with a younger, more a My first Chad Kultgen. Open Preview See a Problem? Sep 18, Matt rated it it was ok. Basically, he’s a sex fiend and resents his wife for not pleasing him. Eventually he kicks Holly to the curb and begins the slow process of reconciling himself not only to his wife but his life within the modern incarnation of American marriage.

This book is not kind to women, or women’s bodies. Oh well poor me I am always worried when there is a gay character on a novel especially if the cbad are as unlovable as this main marrigae is for most of the series. However, when the author and I’ve read an interview or two says he bases his books on what ALL men actually think. Then you have Kultgen. I think it has to do with the cgad that I ameriacn married and marriafe fear falling into this “average” American marriage trap that Kultgen so accurately portrays IMO, obvs.

Not in some bs cliche way.

The Average American Marriage – Chad Kultgen

You are plugged directly into the mind of an average American male and its not pretty. Women call it window shopping, but with trash like Fifty Shades topping the charts, how could this possibly offend all of those women secretly fantasizing about Christian?


No, let me rephrase. If the writer was more skilled he could have injected some life into the story.

Philip Roth does the libidinous male with more intelligence and infinitely better prose. Feb 10, Isaiah rated it really liked it Shelves: Revolutionary Road depicts the empty soul of Kulfgen suburban marriage from both sides of the marriage.

Holly is one of them he finds himself imagining sexual encounters with.

The Average American Marriage (Average American, book 2) by Chad Kultgen

While maintaining a sense of normalcy at home, his sexual fantasies overwhelm his brain I believe the site is personally a bane to cohabitation because of this — there are millions of other women who one can get easy contact with, if they should feel just the same as the character.

Regardless of whether or not you like what the narrator is saying, there’s no denying the truth in Chad is actually a friend of mine so I read all his books.

What Kultgen is a master of here is voice and the depiction of feeling. A no holds barred journey into a married man’s mind can be so entertaining. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This was of the most funnest books I have read in a long time. Honestly I am not a prude! It was kind of refreshing to see that amerixan of humanity in It’s so hard to review a book so rotten and appalling because it’s so rotten and appalling, even though that’s the point.