Drongo is a fictional character in Chingiz Abdullayev’s Drongo series. The character first appeared in Blue Angels. Character introduction[edit]. Drongo is a . Azerbaijani Literature Chingiz Abdullayev (born ). Otvetniy Udar, Retaliatory Blow. Back to – Literature Index Back to – Azeri Latin Index · Home | About Azeri. Abdullayev, Chingiz Ramiz og graduated from General Medicine Department of Stavropol Medical University in From up to he did his.

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The kitchen and storerooms are built onto the house. She downed the whole glass in one gulp. The young fellow obviously thought that I wasn’t at home, and he was trying to rape my wife right in the garden. They promised to help a crazy woman.

A question, rightly formulated, is already half of the solution. She had a short hair cut that, together with freckles on her a little pug nose, gave her a rather mischievous and almost baby expression. Monsieur Dolski, who evidently told everything to his wife, abduloayev knew. But later, he left again later,” said Maurice. But why the driver? But I had so little time. He left the house, got into the taxi.


Drongo (character)

He only gave an unpleasant smile, revealing his yellowed teeth, to the proposal to call the Interpol or Commissar Dubois in Montpelier. Who usually would have given him money? Only this was missing. For him it was an entire fortune. There were two days left. Who could have talked over something with the driver about the car? It was too late to run away. Boris, the elder is already The murderer is one of those who were present in this room.

Drongo nodded his head. But I must warn you. The cross was a Faberge. Then Maurice returned, found Serge and killed him.

The name, according to Abdullayev, comes from a small, courageous Asian bird that is not afraid of larger xhingiz. They’re usually observant and know more than we think. Albert didn’t know that a few more people had seen Serge. Chiniz let her approach rather closely and only then turned his head.

Very tall and gray haired, he appeared almost like one of the old European aristocrats. This means that yesterday somebody found out some information that became deadly for Albert.

Chingiz Abdullayev (Author of Мое прекрасное алиби)

Who owed money to Serge Polonski? And so I answered this question. According to our information, he disappeared somewhere in South America. He had fallen down twice.


– Short Story – Chingiz Abdullayev – Retaliatory Blow ()

The taxi came on time to pick him up. At the beginning of your conversation, you told me that your grandson had left for some place himself after which you had even received a letter from him. He broke into our room when Maria wasn’t there.

Jigunov tried to stop him, but he snapped at him sharply, too. Everybody else kept arguing loudly, shouting, fussing about; but Drongo was silent, trying to concentrate and think. You can’t steal a cross from a dead person.

You must have a difficult life. It could have been. But it wasn’t me. I can even give you his phone number in London,” Drongo added with self-satisfaction. And the second servant had asked off on leave that night.